COSPACE Gallery is pleased to present "B-Side: Li Peng Solo Exhibition", which will run from 27 March to 9 May 2021. The exhibition features over 40 oil paintings from 6 series, presenting a complete overview of the artist's major works from different periods.




Li Peng Solo Exhibition




展期 Duration:2021/03/27 - 05/09

空间 Location:COSPACE(上海市普陀区莫干山路50号7号楼102室)

艺术家Artist:李淜 Li Peng








The concept of the exhibition theme "B-side" comes from the other side of vinyl records and tapes that exists relative to the A-side. B-side often hides, lingers and at the same time has an intertextuality with the widely sung A-side.


"A good God likes to hide himself in the details". Li Pong explores the ralations between metaphor and images, and reflects on the issues from the categories of society, history, politics, humanities and daily landscapes from his idiosyncratic viewing methods and positions.