b. 1984  Russian/German







Katharina Lehmann was born in Russia in 1984, graduated from the Munich School of Design and the Hyvinkää School of Art in Finland, and now lives in Munich, Germany. Since 2014, she has been active in major art fairs in Europe and has held several solo exhibitions, and in 2019 she became an artist-in-residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

凯瑟琳娜·莱曼(Katharina Lehmnn)于1984年出生于俄国,先后毕业于慕尼黑设计学院(Munich School of Design)与芬兰许温凯艺术学院(Hyvinkää School of Art),现居德国慕尼黑。2014年起,其作品活跃于欧洲各大艺博会,并先后举办多次个展,2019年成为上海斯沃琪和平饭店艺术中心入驻艺术家。




Katharina Lehmann uses the unique Thread-Drip Painting technique to create her sculptural pieces. Countless threads intersect and intertwine to form a network, an organic environment, infusing the monochrome, hardened acrylic landscape with life and movement. The idiosyncratic artworks transcend the two-dimensional nature of the canvas; the chaos of tangled, layered threads becomes an entity, taking shape to create a unique piece of art, as it begins to adapt to its territory, growing into existence in a mythical space between painting and sculpture. Creativity and technical craftsmanship create the ‘entity’, which is then free to be interpreted from every angle and perspective: to be freely experienced as art. Perhaps you see a shadowy mountain landscape, maybe a crumpled sheet or a cleverly woven web, - the inimitable magic of Katharina Lehmann’s artwork lies in the constant fluidity of the image. The visual ambiguity prevents the observer from drawing conclusions, inviting them to explore the facets of life and nature.







“The world that tangles around us like a web must be transcended, overcome. The limitations of the self trap us for a lifetime as we learn restraint, as we strive to es- cape our innate closed-mindedness. The inner self is in constant con ict with the super cial, the ideal is cons- tantly battling the reality... until the boundaries are bro- ken, and something new is born from the wreckage. Or perhaps, despite our exertion, despite the eternal trials of patience, the boundaries endure and we are defea- ted. But the fact remains: the game will always begin again. And eventually, the barricades will be weakened and smashed: the rebirth has begun.”


——Denis Lehmann