b. 1975  Chinese







Li Peng graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Jiangxi Normal University with a Bachelor's degree in 1998 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Shanghai University in 2008 with a Master's degree; he has been working at the Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute since 2008.




The subjects in my paintings are drawn from a wide range of social, historical, political, human and everyday landscapes. However, I do not confine my work to the mere reproduction of material, I usually trim, intercept, rearrange and sometimes alter the original material before putting it on the canvas. I do this by selectively reconstructing the elements of the image, stripping them of their true objective properties, thus leading to a certain 'distortion' that is grey, translucent, claustrophobic and shimmering with the glow of memory.


In the process of painting, I have chosen to use fewer and more neutral colours, thus creating a low limit, low contrast painting space with a limited number of colours and a narrow span of shades, from which I find the right intensity of colour in the picture. Colours never take the lead, they only serve the content. These trivial, anonymous, silent images are rendered on the canvas by the conspiratorial trace of paint and brush. The traces of paint and brush, either sharp as a blade or rough as a rock, are intended to keep the image detached from the subject depicted during the painting process and to lay out the qualities of the painting in order to constitute the hidden realm behind it. This hidden realm is made up of the words, gestures and practices in the background of the painted material, and the effort to create and maintain an autonomous social space and spiritual practice behind the images.


————李淜《我的绘画》   Li Peng : My Paintings