b. 1960 Chinese







Yang Xiaojian was born in 1960 in Taiyuan, China and moved to Shanghai in 2000. As one of the most important innovators of Chinese contemporary calligraphy, his bold revival of classical calligraphy into a form reflective of Western abstract expressionism has earned him the title of "the Oriental Ink Beast." In these large works on paper, the artist deconstructs Chinese ideograms into full powered, ambitious compositions that challenge conventional East-West categorisation. 

Early in 1990s Yang Xiaojian started to show his artworks home and abroad. In 1998, his works were first exhibited in National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). Around 2005, several solo exhibitions were held in Japan and China. Later, solo exhibitions in France, Germany, Switzerland were successfully held one after another. His works are widely praised and continuously concerned by domestic and foreign critics. Important collections include National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Shanghai’s National World Financial Centre, Bank of Switzerland, LVHM Group, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Shanghai and Portman Hotel USA.


In the words of Professor Fan Di’an, Director of the National Art Museum of China: "Yang Xiaojian is an artist who challenges both native tradition and western influence with a Chinese medium—the ink and wash—an art form that he committed himself to for the last 20 years, proving in the process that art is both a means of spiritual redemption and an action of cultural transcendence of universal significance.”